Classic Car Insurance in Iowa

A classic car is a thing of beauty, especially when it's been restored to its original condition. And when you have a classic car, it needs to be driven to keep it in good working order. That means you want to insure your investment with the right kind of insurance to protect against calamity. At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency in Union, Marshalltown, and Eldora, IA, we're here to help you insure your vintage vehicle so you can feel safe and secure when taking it out for a drive.

What is a Classic or Collector Car?

Technically, a classic car is 25 or older, but more recent vehicles can qualify if they're a rare model or have a unique feature. Another defining aspect is the fact the car isn't driven frequently. It can be taken to a car show or driven for short trips, but it's not considered a daily driver.

How Does Classic Car Insurance Work?

Classic car insurance works in the same way as a regular car insurance policy. It provides enough coverage for you to drive it legally on Iowa roadways and has clauses that include medical coverage, personal injury protection, and more. The difference between classic car insurance and regular auto insurance is the valuation of the car for the purposes of collision and comprehensive coverage. The amount you're reimbursed in the event of an accident is agreed upon between you and the insurer instead of using book value for a newer car.

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At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc., we know what it takes to get your classic car insured and ensure it complies with Iowa auto insurance laws. We understand the amount of work you put into keeping your classic car looking good, and we want to help you give it the protection it deserves. Call or stop by our offices in Union, Marshalltown, or Eldora, IA today to talk to an agent about your need to insure your classic car.