Motorcycle Insurance in Iowa

The great state of Iowa has many wide-open roads that make it ideal for riding your motorcycle. Whether it's your preferred mode of transportation or a weekend hobby, you need motorcycle insurance to ride your bike in Iowa legally. When you need dependable insurance coverage, Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you. We are a locally owned and operated insurance agency located in Union, Marshalltown, and Eldora, IA, and we look forward to helping you. Here is more information about motorcycle insurance and your coverage options.

Motorcycle Insurance: The Basics

Motorcycle insurance functions much like auto insurance in that you are legally required to have a policy, which must have certain minimum coverage levels. For a motorcycle, you need minimum coverage levels for the bodily injury of a single person, for the injury of two or more people, and coverage for any property damage caused in an accident in which you are liable.

Additional Coverage Options

While the minimum coverage requirements will get you on the road legally, you likely want more coverage for your safety and peace of mind. Coverages to consider adding to your policy include collision coverage to pay for repairs to your motorcycle, roadside assistance in case of breakdowns or an empty tank, and custom equipment coverage to help repair any aftermarket add-ons you may have added to your motorcycle.

When You Need a Dependable Motorcycle Insurance Agent

At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc., we provide insurance assistance for your transportation needs, including automobiles and motorcycles. Feel free to contact us today or visit our offices in Union, Marshalltown, or Eldora, IA. We're here for all your insurance needs and can help you build a policy that protects your motorcycle and provides the exact coverage you need.