Crop Insurance in Iowa

In business, having the right insurance policies is essential to daily operations. In Iowa, farming is an important and common industry that is the backbone of many local communities. Having crop insurance is an important part of working in the farming industry. At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc., we are here to help all our customers in Iowa with their insurance needs. Crop insurance protects farmers in Iowa from incidents outside their control, including weather damage and negative impacts on crop pricing.

Common Types of Crop Insurance

Like other types of insurance, crop insurance offers different types of coverage and protection from specific events to keep your crops and farm safe. There are several types of crop insurance to choose from, and here are three of the most popular.

  • Hail Insurance: Hailstorms are a common concern in the plains, which can harm your crops. While most hailstorms are brief, they can cause notable damage to your crops. Hail insurance protects in case of such an event.
  • Yield Insurance: This type of coverage protects you from natural disasters that negatively impact your crop yields, including flooding, diseases, insects, and droughts. Nature is unpredictable, and yield insurance allows you protection from that.
  • Revenue Insurance: The prices for crops in the marketplace can fluctuate, and matters outside your direct control often cause this. Revenue insurance protects you from losses if outside events impact the prices of your crops during the growing season.

When You Need Crop Insurance

At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc., we are proudly located in Union, Marshalltown, and Eldora, IA, and we pride ourselves on assisting residents with all their personal and business insurance needs. Your farm is more than a job; it's a livelihood you need to protect for yourself and your family. If you need crop insurance, reach out to us today.