Health Insurance in Iowa

At Brown-Hurst Insurance Agency Inc. in Union, Marshalltown, and Eldora, IA, we help Iowa residents and businesses learn more about health insurance policies and find a policy or package that meets their needs. Understanding how health insurance policies provide coverage can be confusing, especially when making sense of co-pays, HMOs, and PPOs and ensuring you're covered in an emergency.

Individual Health Insurance Policies

An individual health insurance policy is one that's bought on the federal healthcare exchange. We can help you get a policy on the federal exchange or find an individual policy during any enrollment period. Our agency can help you get the most out of a policy through either avenue.

Small Group Health Insurance

Small group health insurance is geared towards employers with anywhere from 1 to 50 employees who want to offer health insurance. Iowa's insurance laws for small groups are flexible and offer different options for providing health insurance to employees.

Supplemental Medicare Coverage

Medicare Part A and Part B often have gaps in coverage that make it difficult to afford prescription medications and have out-of-pocket costs. Several supplemental insurance coverage options fill in these gaps and extend existing Medicare coverage. It's best to speak with an insurance agent about the types of coverage available and determine the type of policy that makes the most sense for your needs.

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Call us or see us at our office in Union, Marshalltown, or Eldora, IA to speak with us about your needs for a health insurance policy. We'll discuss your expectations for coverage and what you need, go over the available health insurance policies, and get you a no-obligation quote. Together, we'll find you a policy that provides the coverage you're seeking to help you protect your health.